Button Country

An Educational Resource for Button Collectors


 There’s something about a box, jar or can of old buttons that fascinates young and old, alike.  More than a few of us have become avid button collectors as a result.  The initial idea for this website emerged when Paul Rice joined the Peach State Button Club to find out more about his grandmother’s buttons.  Paul and the club members agreed on a vision for a website that focused on educating new collectors on matters related to identifying and classifying their buttons. After thousands of hours and with help from collectors all over the country, the site has blossomed into a comprehensive visual resource that is based on the adage that "a picture is worth a thousand words"

Button Country incorporates several types of resources to help beginners and novices identify and appreciate their buttons. The red links in the right column provide specific examples of these resources discussed below.

A Visual Guide to Classifying Buttons - The National Button Society (NBS) Classification System is organized in easy-to-follow outline form.  The system classifies buttons according to age, use, materials and pictorial subjects.  Our Button Gallery contains more than 6000 images of buttons and button related specialties that visually illustrate our classification system.

 Fun Facts - includes Useful Tips and is especially for those who want to know more about button history and common terms and general facts

Special Topics - features educational and fun articles on buttons as well as the actual patents for more than one hundred 19th century button inventions.

Educational Links - provides one-click access to other helpful button related websites.

Join the Fun - learn more about the NBS and the many state and local button clubs and events.  We invite your comments and feedback, especially for ideas or changes that will enhance these educational resources. See the Contact Us page under the Join the Fun dropdown menu.